New Museum Spaces & Educational Resources

We are very pleased to announce the opening of two unique new museum spaces in the Slemani Museum in Suleymaniyah and the Garmian Civilizations Museum in Kalar, as well as to introduce our new Museum School Boxes.

Opening ceremony of the Slemani Museum Kids space

Opening ceremonies were held on 3rd and 5th September 2019 and guests included the Governor of Suleymaniyah Governate, the Director General of Antiquities of the KRG, and the British Consul General.

A young visitor helping to open the Slemani Museum Kids space

The two new museum spaces will help widen access to the region’s rich archaeological heritage, and to enthuse and engage a wide range of visitors in its safeguarding.

We hope you will come and visit soon!

Slemani Museum Kids

The new Slemani Museum Kids space is dedicated to providing children with a fun and activity-laden environment to learn about the archaeology of the region, about what archaeologists do, and to creatively engage with the past.

The excavation area filled with replica pottery and other archaeological finds was the main attraction at the opening. An archaeological mound and stratigraphy in the background will help children learn about archaeological sites and the passage of time.

Are you an archaeologist? (Garmian Civilizations Museum)

A second museum space in the city of Kalar invites visitors on a journey to discover what archaeology is, how archaeologists explore landscapes and sites, and how they make sense of what they find through the example of the ongoing research of the Sirwan Regional Project.

A young visitor trying out the virtual reality experience of the Khani Masi excavations (Sirwan Regional Project) in the Garmian Civilisations Museum

Click here to learn more about the new museum spaces.

Museum School Boxes

We have also created three themed museum school boxes, which schools are now able to borrow from Slemani Museum and the Garmian Civilizations Museum.

A young visitor trying out the “Writing Box”, which contains replicas of cuneiform tablets, styli, demonstration cards, and a trilingual information booklet.

Click hereto learn more about the museum school boxes.